Fly Fishing the Texas Gulf Coast

Redfish – Sea Trout – Black Drum – Cobia

When most people think of fly fishing they think of tranquil tree lined streams out in the middle of nowhere. Saltwater fly fishing is tranquil & peaceful… until a brute of a redfish devours your fly and then sudden chaos erupts!

Imagine yourself being poled along a shoreline as we round a point and see schools of redfish waiting for action. You have to take a moment to remember to take your next breath, you cast, and a large red attacks your fly- at that moment the entire waterway you’re in erupts with redfish. This is what it is all about.

We also provide fly fishing wade trips using the same techniques used when we are poling along flats.

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Fly Fishing Texas

Texas is a world renowned fishing destination. No matter your style of fishing, from bass to offshore – Texas is home to all of it. We here at Skinny Water Addiction have literally become “addicted” to sight fishing the flats for some of the state’s most popular inshore species on the fly rod.

In this, we have developed a company truly wrapped around fly fishing in Texas. We utilize TFO, Cheeky, Simms, and many other top brands in the fly fishing world for our clients to utilize. But the staple piece of equipment we utilize for these trips is the Hell’s Bay Pro. Combine all of this will a truly knowledgeable and local fly fishing guide, and your epic day of flinging’ flies in Texas is just a phone call away.

a fisherman learning how to fly fish in texas
fly angler with redfish
a texas fly fisherman with a redfish

Popular Inshore Fly Fishing Targeted Species in Texas

As you can tell by the imagery on this page, we love fly fishing for redfish here in coastal Texas. Redfish here run in schools and are highly aggressive eaters of the fly. They make awesome runs, are readily available, and are found in some of our favorite inshore areas to pole around in. That said, there’s definitely more here to target.

Another fish regularly caught on the fly here is sea trout. These guys love ambushing from the bottom over grass beds and are readily available to fly fisherman.

One species that is highly sought after is the cobia. Cobia are also found here in the coastal waterways and can make for an epic run on fly gear. Though cobia are more of a target of opportunity, they can be caught here on the fly.

Another great fighter, and shallow water favorite, is Black Drum. Black Drum are a harder target to get a hookup with on the fly, vs its cousin the Redfish, but fly fisherman do regularly target and land this species here in Texas.