Light Tackle with Artificial Lures

Redfish – Sea Trout – Black Drum – Cobia – More!

Much like fly-fishing you will be stalking fish as you are being poled along shore lines and grass flats. Our sight-casting charters allow you to see your fish before you make your first cast. There is nothing like watching the fish you cast too strike the bait as you work it towards the strike zone.

We provide wade fishing using artificial lures using the same techniques used when we are poling along flats.

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Sight Fishing

Most inshore fisherman will say that the best part of this style of fishing, is sight fishing. Scanning the flats and inshore shallow waters from either the poling platform or the bow is akin to “hunting”. Silence, stealth, and an acute eye are all necessary components. Skinny Water Addiction chose the Hell’s Bay boat platform with this mission in mind.

When you are polling the boat, in the backwaters or open flats, your mission is to look for shadows in the water, or surface water pushes, to hone in on the fishes location. From here you must choose where to present your bait, and then you get to watch the action unfold as you work your lure into the strike zone. From here explosive hits and drag screaming excitement occur -and in that moment, you become addicted.


Let's Fish
a fisherman with a redfish caught in the backcountry