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Wading Through Rockport

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Rockport is a small Texas city situated on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Rockport is mostly surrounded by the waters of Aransas Bay, Copano Bay, and Corpus Christi Bay. Most coastal cities thrive off the surrounding beauty that the ocean provides, and Rockport is no different. Rockport is a very popular tourist destination and for good reason. Here you can find an abundance of marine activity such as boating, duck hunting, swimming bird watching and of course fishing. Fishing from the beach and pier are popular ways where most anyone without access to a boat can enjoy the bounty from which the sea provides. Those of which do have access to a boat can enjoy inshore fishing within all the estuaries and bays, offshore fishing for some of the heavy hitters that swim the surrounding waters or even nearshore fishing where it is possible to catch both inshore and offshore species for the ultimate in mixed bag fishing. But where the real secret lies in fishing Rockport goes back to simplicity. I’m talking about wade fishing the flats for flounder, seatrout and redfish!

When wade fishing the Rockport area, there are many things to consider even though it is a method of simplicity. First off, prime wading time is during the cooler months when the water temperatures dip into the 60s and 70s. These temps aren’t suitable for your summertime beachwear. These are the temperatures that will have the trout and redfish hanging out in the shallows during the day and will be actively feeding. This is a great time to sneak up and stalk them on foot. A good pair of insulated chest waders is needed to perform this successfully. Along with waders are shoes. Some are part of the waders and some are separate. Regardless, a stout pair of footwear is needed to handle the potentially sharp shells, oyster bars and any deep mud that you may encounter.

Not only must you worry about gnarly subsurface terrain, but stingrays are a very serious issue when it comes to wade fishing. Protective attire may be needed to prevent a barb going into your foot or leg. Using the shuffle method when walking can also aid in the prevention of being stung. One last piece of attire should be a good wading belt that has pockets and attachment points for various tools such as pliers and bait/tackle/lures. Even consider a wearable tackle pack for even more storage.

When it comes to keeping your fish, if you are so inclined, be sure to use a stringer long enough to keep your catch far away from your body. This is important in the event a shark decides to make an easy meal out of your catch. If you think the stingrays were bad, the last thing you want is for a shark to mistake your leg for a fish! Keep your catch far from your body!

Follow these tips to get started in the wade fishing game. For more tips and expertise, book a trip with Captain Lloyd Jones here at Skinny Water Addiction. He has the tools and knowledge to deepen your obsession of fishing the vast flats of Rockport, Texas!

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